...take a sledgehammer and smash that scale to bits!

I have nothing but the highest Praise for the Grace and Strength program. I've done countless other diets and I lost weight on many of them but when I reached a good weight my attitude turned to thinking I was "done dieting". I never dealt with the root issues – my wrong thinking, the idolatrous desire for immediate gratification, the emotional garbage that drove me to eat when I wasn't hungry! So it was always just a matter of time before I returned to old behaviors.


I feel like I've been given a fresh start. - Theresa's Story

Seems like all my life I've been able to eat anything I wanted without thinking much about it...and never really gaining any weight. Even after having four children I was always able to reclaim my body. Well, soon after entering my 40's I began to notice I wasn't quite as slim and trim as I used to be. I failed over the next few years at keeping off the excess weight and finally came to a place where I realized I needed that extra push and some accountability.


Weight Loss and the Vicious Cycle of Defeat - Melissa's Story

For years I have struggled with a vicious cycle of defeat. While I have been active and athletic for my entire life, I allowed myself to gain weight over the last decade and used some of life's major events (having 2 boys, work and travel, etc.) as justification for that weight gain and un-healthy lifestyle.


It's not too late to walk in freedom - Laura's Story

Grace and Strength came at the perfect time, God's timing. I am in my 50s and have my share of health issues and life struggles but through it all I had Jesus as my Savior and a wonderful family. At twenty-five I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. I can say that is when it started, the battle with weight gain and fatigue, but it was also complicated by poor eating habits and a lack of proper exercise.


No Longer Captive To Self Doubt - Lisa's Story

Sept 29, 2013 marks the launch of my journey. Now 6 months later, God continues to transform me from the inside out. I've spent my lifetime seeking worth in my accomplishments and what I could do for others. I was captive to self doubt. My weight was a barrier to relationships. I was self conscious about my size, shape and lack of physical fitness. It impacted my relationships with my husband and children.


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