I ate through the hurt because I was so empty, so hungry for relief Melanie's Story

When God brought me to Grace and Strength, I was starved to death. I was so broken hearted as a result of my divorce that my walk with God ended. God did not quit walking but I did. I spent many days and even more nights face down on my bedroom closet floor in despair (I could feel the carpet fibers in my nose). Even with that inconsolable heartache, I always found my way to the kitchen or through the drive thru.


Our body is a temple of God Annie's Weight Loss Success Story

I was gaining weight for past few years and the more I stressed on the more I put on. Due to my joint pain it was getting difficult in my movements and I always wanted to lose weight but didn't know how. Around that time I met my friend and she lost around 45KG and I was very impressed. She asked me to read the testimony on the grace and strength website. After reading I knew God is leading me to this.


Actually I needed Jesus and some good accountability - Allison's Story

My Grace and Strength journey has been an adventure of trust, every step of the way. It seems there was always something to wonder about, expect to fail at or not do it right. It was and is a lesson in giving up my way for His way, trusting Him and good others in the journey to better health. I joined Grace and Strength because I have struggled for 40 plus years with various eating disorders. I knew I could not do the work alone because clearly going it alone had not worked for me.


A Journey Into Freedom - Kim's Story

My body was so overwhelmed with weight from my food addiction that my relationship with my God, my family and my friends was being derailed. I had no idea that the sin of my addiction was getting in the way of my relationship with Christ, family, friends and the call of God on my life. Through this journey with Grace and Strength, I have found that my God is faithful and just to do what he says He's going to do and that He will bring to completion what He has started.


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