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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! That may sound corny, but please read on. I am Cyndi Benson, the founder of the Grace and Strength Lifestyle, and I have a message for you.

If you're like one of our beautiful clients, you are looking for HOPE and HELP to lose this unwanted weight once and for all. You're a woman, who loves the Lord and wants to be healthy in Spirit, Soul and Body.

  • You have a very full life!
  • You're very busy from sun up to sun down!
  • Your give to everyone else but yourself!
  • You're there for your husband, your children, your grandchildren, your boss, your church, your aging parents; but you have neglected to take care of yourself!
Does any of this sound familiar?

You're committed to, living a life that is honoring to God in all that you do. You love your life, but something is missing; you have not been able to find lasting success with weight loss.

Something is missing, isn't there?

Are you feeling hopeless? Discouraged? Frustrated? Lonely?

I've been there too!

I know ... we know ... what it feels like to be EXACTLY where you are right now!

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Together with my Team at the Grace and Strength Lifestyle, I help women just like you become free from the bondages of weight and became ALL God has called you to be: confident, full of joy and living a life you love. Our mission is to give you the formulas you need to stop the roller coaster and start living in freedom.

Through our programs, we are creating a Christ Centered Weight Loss revolution! Every day we see women trade bondage for freedom!

Now it's YOUR TURN!

Every Grace and Strength Lifestyle program was created with you in mind. Every program and resource on this website has been designed to help women like you achieve lasting success in their weight loss and health goals.

Yes, you really can reach and maintain your weight loss goal. All it takes is the intention and a Grace and Strength Lifestyle Coach to guide you. If you'll provide the first, we'll provide the second.

Let's get started.

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All of our Coaches and Mentors are graduates of the Grace and Strength Lifestyle program or they have found freedom in their weight loss journey.

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