Congratulations Tonya - video testimony

Tonya shares her reasons for choosing to lose weight with the Grace and Strength Lifestyle's Christian weight loss program, and also about some of the effects it has had on her family.


From Struggling With Weight To Becoming a Certified Nutrition Consultant

Susan's Story: Like many people, my struggle with weight and body image issues started in childhood with having been the youngest of three girls and falling into the trap of comparing myself to them. This led to self-esteem issues, which led to marrying someone who was emotionally abusive in my early 20s, but I divorced after only 1 1/2 years. Since that time, my weight would fluctuate.


Food is no longer consuming my life

Kelli's Christ Centered Weight Loss Journey: For some reason, I've really been struggling with writing this testimony.  I don't know why, because what I really want to say is that since I started Grace and Strength,  I have changed a LOT!!! Video testimony included.


My mother always told me that I was a big girl so I always assumed that I was overweight

Adrienne's Story: My battle with weight has kind of been on going for most of my life. When I was young my mother always told me that I was a big girl so I always assumed that I was overweight. When I look back at pictures of myself I see now that I wasn't, but the seed had been planted and I watered it frequently. I'm not blaming my mother but sometimes things people say get embedded in our minds and we take it as truth.


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