What would you LOVE to do once you reach your goal?

I have watched Monica's journey unfold and as her coach, I could not be prouder. She has worked so hard and even while her husband is over in Afghanistan, she has persevered and been determined in reaching her goals. I still remember the first time I met her on group night and heard her story of how she longs to be able to ride her horse again but because of her weight, she could not at the time. Monica is not even at goal yet but has done so well, she can now ride her beautiful horse again.


Thelma received the desires of her heart

My name is Thelma Hickman and I began the Grace and Strength Lifestyle in December 2011, a short time after seeing an old college friends' transformation because of G&S.  She came to my surprise 40th birthday party and I was amazed at her glow.  At first I did not want to jump on another diet bandwagon.  I kept telling myself that just because it worked for her, didn't mean I could do it.  The Lord tugged at my heart and my husband and I decided it was time to make a change.


A Picture of Winning - April Starkey and the Grace & Strength Lifestyle

If you've been around the Grace & Strength Program for very long, then you have probably come across the smiling face of April Starkey.  After taking her own journey through the program, she was asked to join the Grace & Strength Team as a coach.  Now, she is using her own remarkable story to help others as they make their own life changing decisions and embrace the freedom offered in the Grace & Strength Lifestyle.


From mourning into gladness...

I have MUCH to be thankful for this year. Last year Jim and I look back at 2011 as a year of mourning and DEEP sorrow, as we lost Annabelle and our health was at an all-time LOW. We were both at the biggest weights, so unhealthy and had no energy. I could cry just looking at the picture of me from Easter last year compared to the picture of me from Easter this year. What a change God has done in me ... yes physically as you can tell from the picture BUT so much more ...


The many faces of this journey...

Starting this journey I truly had no clue what to expect. I had many emotions and I was so afraid of failing again like I had time and time again. Something was different this time...was it just the fact that I was finally, completely ready more than ever in my life, was it the accountability and coaching of the program I was starting, or was it me relying more than ever on God to do this...I think it was all of it combined! Something clicked in me, I don't even know how to explain it.


Ready to Start Your Journey?

Are you ready to show YOURSELF some LOVE? Making your well being a priority is not about being selfish. This is about putting yourself first so that you can love and serve others well. We want to see you find wholeness, health, and freedom in every area of your life! We want you to love yourself!

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