Mother and Daughter Weight Loss Team

My mom has always been my solid rock in my life. She was loving and firm. She set high expectations and always believed in my dreams. She was a challenger, an encourager, a cheerleader, and a mentor. She believed in me even when I had lost hope in myself. She was the one that I fought with because My mom has always been my solid rock in my life. She never understood my teenage drama. She always had all the right answers, even when I wasn't willing to admit it.


Treating the problem - A Grace and Strength Lifestyle Testimony

Over the past 15 years I have watched the scale slowly creep up and up. Then I'd diet and watch it go back down.  Then watch it go right back up plus more.  With each new diet I'd lose, gain, lose, gain.  The problem was I was only treating the symptoms and NOT treating the problem.


Before and After - Robin's Testimony

There is too much to my story to start at the beginning… so let me start from today, and work backwards. My coach tells me that I need to get her my pictures – you know my before and after pictures. Well, the first problem with that is that I didn't take a "before" picture.


This is me! Allie's Story

This is me.The me I always wanted to be! The me I knew was inside but seemed so hard to find. As a child (6 or 7) I remember a friend's pool party- everyone was wearing cute bathing suits. All of a sudden, the modest bikini I had worn felt like it was calling all attention to me because I was the little chubby kid and after all, even if you were a child you still needed to be 'skinny' to wear one of THOSE.  So began my lifelong battle with food, emotional eating and my continuous weight battle.


Anna's Story

As a little girl, I remember dreaming of what life would be like all grown up. I loved those moments of pure innocence and far stretches of the imagination where I could dream everything in life was beautiful and happy. Those childhood dreams and fantasies became my happy place as my life was in a downhill spiral spinning out of control throughout my entire childhood and well into my adult years. I didn't want to be obese, or even overweight! I grew to hate that word!


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