My Coach and Group Gave Me Hope

Susan's Story: Through the help of Grace and Strength Lifestyle God has changed my life and I am free in Christ from dieting and overeating. What a journey this has been for me. Dieting and overeating have been a stronghold in my life. For years, I have struggled with gaining and losing weight, and never gaining any control that lasted. I was desperate to find a way to keep the weight off.


I was worth my battle

Sharon's Story: Freedom. I was worth my battle. I just couldn't see it at the time. It began earlier this year when I cried out to God. I was in a place of desperation, crying out to God to deliver me, to save me from myself. I was shattered, broken, feeling hopeless, fearful. Physically, I was humiliated and embarrassed about myself. I was beginning to retreat socially because of my increasing weight (a little torturous for an outgoing person).


I respect the gift of this physical body

Lauren's Story: I think I have struggled with my weight for my entire adult life. I have gained… lost… and gained again. I tried various diets and exercise programs but none seemed to stick. Eventually I found an exercise program I love and have been consistently attending kickboxing and strength training classes for about five years, even becoming an instructor. But I was overweight and unhealthy – certainly not the best example!


Out of the doubt, into trust!

April's Story: Grace. How many of us really know what that word means? To me it means receiving something we don't deserve. My pastor, Dr. Chris Stephens, describes grace as "God meeting you at your greatest time of need". I came to a crossroads in my faith several months ago, where I knew I was either going to continue down a path of apathy, and a weakened belief in what my God can do, or choosing to run down the path of discipline and hope. I'm so glad I chose the latter.


Yoga Pants Out! God In! Amy's Story

And so God is the author and perfecter of our lives...It all began with the fifth, maybe sixth, outfit I had tried on that morning. If only we could all wear yoga pants! I had come to the realization that I was sick of feeling like this day in and day out. "Ugh, nothing fits. Nothing looks right. Nothing feels comfortable. Nothing except yoga pants." As a fulltime teacher and mother of three young children, yoga pants are not an option as I fly out the door with a side of peanut butter toast.


Ready to Start Your Journey?

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