The Most Important Hat to Wear - Jacque's Success Story

Finding pure joy in giving to others is my gift. I put on many different hats to serve others; like my husband, children, school children, friends, school organizations, community organizations, church organizations, etc.! When I needed a "pick me up", I would find a different hat to put on by looking to what I could do for someone else. I spent time giving until I was so exhausted and that I did not take care of myself.


Why haven't you asked ME to help you?

What did my life look like before Grace and Strength? I was doing pretty good. I kind of watched what I ate during the week, celebrated the weekends by eating candy, cookies, pizza. Anything goes because it's the weekend. My weight started creeping up the scale. Ok, what diet should I do to get those pounds off? I can do anything for a week or two. Starve myself, eat this plan for a few days, double up on my exercise, sure. Gained the few pounds back, cycle continues.


God is patiently waiting for you

Jenna's Story: Everyone has "that place, or I sometimes call it "that thing." It's that thing you don't want to truly turn all the way-all the way over to God. Probably because you're afraid He'll ask you to go further than you want to go (or to let go of more than you want to let go...give up more than you want to give up). If you're afraid to commit to this program because you don't think you can do it, but you're desperate to're in just the right place! The hardest part?


Real Stories of Success

Freedom to Live: My journey with Grace and Strength Lifestyle began after a friend ran across their program while surfing the internet for weight loss solutions. I had been successful on another well-known program and was contemplating starting again. However, I knew I needed more than weight loss. My Journey is Not Complete: I started this journey expecting to lose a few pounds quick and then move on. "I" was the problem and He was the solution.


Strain towards what is ahead! Kristine's story

HIS Name Brings Victory and Peace... As I think back to my relationship with God before Grace and Strength, I had so many fears. My weight had gotten out of control for me and I was more insecure than ever before about this, which caused fear in social situations and all areas of my life. My clothes didn't fit, except my black sweatpants, my body hurt when I got out of bed each morning and I just couldn't enjoy life as much as I once did.


Ready to Start Your Journey?

Are you ready to show YOURSELF some LOVE? Making your well being a priority is not about being selfish. This is about putting yourself first so that you can love and serve others well. We want to see you find wholeness, health, and freedom in every area of your life! We want you to love yourself!

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