Actually I needed Jesus and some good accountability - Allison's Story

My Grace and Strength journey has been an adventure of trust, every step of the way. It seems there was always something to wonder about, expect to fail at or not do it right. It was and is a lesson in giving up my way for His way, trusting Him and good others in the journey to better health. I joined Grace and Strength because I have struggled for 40 plus years with various eating disorders. I knew I could not do the work alone because clearly going it alone had not worked for me.


A Journey Into Freedom - Kim's Story

My body was so overwhelmed with weight from my food addiction that my relationship with my God, my family and my friends was being derailed. I had no idea that the sin of my addiction was getting in the way of my relationship with Christ, family, friends and the call of God on my life. Through this journey with Grace and Strength, I have found that my God is faithful and just to do what he says He's going to do and that He will bring to completion what He has started.


I am 63 years old and I lost 50 pounds Brenda's Story

Grace & Strength Lifestyle has brought me so much comfort and happiness and helped me to have a better relationship with my family and friends but most of all with God. I will always be very grateful for Coach Renee who always told me "you can do this" and remember "it's only for a season" kept me thinking positive thoughts only and the weekly zoom calls with all the other team members was a lot of fun & laughs.


The only way you can conquer fear is to confront it. - Donna's Story

Looking back over the WHY that I chose when first coming on this journey, was that "all stones be unturned". When you struggle with food your whole life; you learn to hide many habits. These hidden ways become your demons, they hold you in bondage. They grow, they mold, and they become rooted. The longer they root, the hardier they become and eventually become your comfort. That's how sin is, it becomes comfortable until it's not enough.


I have tried every diet plan known to mankind and failed - Tracy's Story

I, like so many, have struggled with being overweight all my life. I have tried every diet plan known to mankind and failed. I would loose some weight and then loose interest. At my starting weight, I felt bad physically. I could hardly breathe, my heart raced, I tired easily and my belly was huge. It wasn't until I made a commitment to God and joined Grace and Strength, that I really got down to business.


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