I needed a soul cleanse!

Mary's Story: My journey with Grace and Strength started February 25th, 2017. My very first daily weight text message that I sent to coach Monica included this: "I feel so yucky". I have battled my weight for as long as I can remember. As a child I was always "big".


Less of me means more of HIM!

Crystal's story: I spent too long, too many years, not living my best life. I was heavier than I needed to be. I barely had energy to do all of the things I thought I needed to do. Life was pretty hectic, between family, active kids, busy work and travel schedule and aging and ailing parents. I was so busy trying to check off a to-do list of to-do’s for everyone and everything else, that I wasn’t paying enough attention to myself. Or to God.


I found my WAY OF MISTAKE!

Kay's Story: It is my sincere belief that Grace and Strength Lifestyle (aka "GNS") has, for me, fulfilled certain promises in Scripture and enabled me to begin, again, a pursuit of service to our LORD JESUS CHRIST, perpetuating the Kingdom Work!


Do I want confidence or do I want food?

Monica's Story: I am a 51 year old wife and mother of seven, who had not been taking care of myself. I had never lost all my weight after pregnancies and then gained more. Recently, I had noticed I was feeling weak, had a bad left knee and was self-conscious to move around freely. I was very discouraged about dieting because I had tried and failed many times. I was becoming more convicted about how I was taking care of my body when a friend of mine showed up having lost a lot of weight.


I feel like a bird let out of a cage!

Bonnie's Story: My journey with the Lord through the Grace and Strength Lifestyle began in October of 2016. Knowing this, the length of time I spent on the program feels impossibly short. God has been so faithful through the entire process. To Him goes all the glory, honor and praise. What I have achieved is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes.


Ready to Start Your Journey?

Are you ready to show YOURSELF some LOVE? Making your well being a priority is not about being selfish. This is about putting yourself first so that you can love and serve others well. We want to see you find wholeness, health, and freedom in every area of your life! We want you to love yourself!

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