Exciting and Tough Journey

Liz's Christian Weight Loss Story: In her interview, Liz talks about her 'exciting' and 'tough' journey that has led her to this beautiful place of winning! What an  Amazing Transformation - Christian Weight Loss For Women


Lori's Story - Christian Weight Loss

My journey with Grace and Strength Lifestyle started because I was not happy with how I looked or felt, after 15 years of putting on weight. A friend at church had been losing weight and I talked with her about what she was doing. She told me about Grace and Strength, and then I looked at all the stories on the website. I thought this was exactly what I was looking for. I followed the plan and the pounds came off so quickly!


Darlene's Story - Christian Weight Loss Program for Women

I began gaining and losing weight in my 30s. At the age of 39 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was already 30 pounds overweight. After the mastectomy I stopped seeing myself. The weight packed on ,sometime stabilizing for a couple years at a time. I finally began trying this diet ,that program and I think I bought every book on "the way to eat " that hit the market. I never stuck with the program very long and if "the way to eat "worked I don't know because half the books I never read.


Patti's Video Interview, Pics, and Story - Christian Weight Loss For Women

I am not a person who just jumps into something without thinking long and hard about it. Some people I know would disagree with that assessment of me. But I know myself pretty well, and I mull things over for quite some time before jumping. I also DON'T like to be pushed. So.......it was my pushy husband who finally said to me, I'm losing weight, with or without you, but since you do my cooking, we should do it together. Spoil sport!


Sara's Success Story and Video

This year, I turn 40. And, most of my life I've battled with the up and down of the scale. In November, I had been praying about becoming healthier - physically and spiritually. Later that month, there was a Black Friday special for joining Grace & Strength. How could I resist? I joined and then got cold feet. Making this change wouldn't be temporary. It would be hard. And, it was hard. But, in the roller coaster of weight, I can confidently say this time, it's different.


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