If anyone had an excuse to quit, she did!

Angie's Christ Centered Weight Loss Journey: A little more than a year and a half ago, I was probably at the moment that my life was at its lowest. I was over 200 pounds, a new mom, diabetic, and in general just unhappy with my life. My daughter, Rory, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called LCHAD, which basically means her body is unable to process or store fats that we need for energy. Everything was overwhelming and I sought the comfort of food.


Over 80 Pounds in 6 Months

Heidi's Christian Weight Loss Journey -In Her Own Words: My Grace and Strength journey started long before I ever heard about the Grace and Strength Lifestyle. I am the youngest of two and was raised in a Christian home where I was introduced to Jesus at a very early age. Growing up, it became very clear that my metabolism and my sister's metabolism worked in very different ways. We had "hand-me-up's" instead of "hand-me-down's" since I was always bigger than my sister.


Donna Loses Over 100 Pounds

Prepare to be wowed as you watch Donna's interview video and see her transformation pictures. Donna lost over 100 pounds with the Grace and Strength Lifestyle's Christian Weight Loss Program.* Her enthusiasm, happiness, and joy are overflowing as she talks about the changes in her life through this remarkable journey. You will be inspired by watching this video! Way to go Donna!


Auburn's Story

Auburn's story is unique in a couple of ways. First of all, she is addressing her health at a younger age than many of our clients, and secondly she had a relatively very small amount of weight to lose when compared to a lot of the stories you'll see that we share. In fact, most people will readily admit that she probably didn't 'need' to lose any weight at all, and a lot of us would be very happy ending up where she started.


No more hiding!

No More Hiding - A Christian Weight Loss Journey: In today's post, you'll see pictures and a video interview with Jess as she reaches her goal weight with the Grace and Strength Lifestyle program. Her transparent and open discussion about hiding food, hiding habits, and even hiding herself provide a poignant and powerful glimpse into the deep impact our relationship with food has in our lives.


Ready to Start Your Journey?

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