Patti's Video Interview, Pics, and Story - Christian Weight Loss For Women

I am not a person who just jumps into something without thinking long and hard about it. Some people I know would disagree with that assessment of me. But I know myself pretty well, and I mull things over for quite some time before jumping. I also DON'T like to be pushed. was my pushy husband who finally said to me, I'm losing weight, with or without you, but since you do my cooking, we should do it together. Spoil sport!


Sara's Success Story and Video

This year, I turn 40. And, most of my life I've battled with the up and down of the scale. In November, I had been praying about becoming healthier - physically and spiritually. Later that month, there was a Black Friday special for joining Grace & Strength. How could I resist? I joined and then got cold feet. Making this change wouldn't be temporary. It would be hard. And, it was hard. But, in the roller coaster of weight, I can confidently say this time, it's different.


Holly's Story

Watch Holly's video for an inspiring look into what a Christ centered weight loss journey looks like for a modern active woman. Great job Holly, and thank you for sharing your story with us!


Emily's Story

My Grace and Strength story had a very unusual beginning. In August of 2015, I got engaged, and he gave me this program as an engagement gift. For any other woman, this may have been taken very offensively, but at that time, I was terribly depressed, overweight and had a very unhealthy view of my body. I knew the woman I wanted to be. I wanted to be a Godly woman, a super wife and confident, but I was failing miserably at accomplishing the seemingly impossible dream.


Donna's Story

Grace and Strength Lifestyle was such an answer to prayer for me. I had been seeking a program/answer to my weight issues for about 3yrs. I knew I needed something drastic since I'd tried eating healthy, cutting down on sugar and processed foods, as well as exercising regularly but I was still going UP on the scale. I finally reached a number that I couldn't live with. This motivated me to find something drastic to totally change my life.


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