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I am a 39-year-old mother of 4. I have three biological children and one that I have had guardianship of for more than 6 years. I have been married to my best friend, Ron, for 20 years. We love having BBQ's with great friends and spending time with those that we love dearly.

I have come to realize for certain that perfection is 100% unattainable but the courage to believe in myself will help me achieve anything that I put my mind to. Everyone has a story. We are never alone, even when we are at our lowest. God places people in our lives for one reason and one reason only and that is to learn, grow and to give Him praise for every opportunity to love and lead and embrace. NO JUDGEMENT. Remember to leave that to God, he's got this.

Let's be vulnerable to the challenges that lie ahead, it's our chance to grow in Him.

Be AWESOME! Live out loud. Look your opponent in the eye and tell them that they will never stop you from going after what you want. God equipped us to be warriors and advocates for our own lives. My mission is to radiate joy, love and truth to all that I meet. I encourage all to dig deep, find your purpose and DON'T give. You have this one life, how will you live it?

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My Prayer For You

Lord I pray for dedication and determination to live the best life, one that you laid out for all of us. I ask that you hold the beautiful person reading this prayer in your arms and remind them that they are going to accomplish the goal of breaking free from the habits that bind them. I ask that they seek joy in you and peace in knowing that life is always a little brighter if we just look up once in awhile. You brought us here not as one but as a team of warriors who are called to lead, love and listen. I ask that you cover our ears and protect us from Satan's subtle whispers of failure and fear. Lord teach me to always hear and understand the needs of each person that I meet. Remind us that if we make a mistake that we can pick up and move forward again. Thank you for your unfailing love and wisdom. Let us all find our path to health without ever having to look back. In Jesus name, Amen.

My Testimony

I came to Grace and Strength (GNS) in 2012 desperate to find myself again. Initially I only cared about how quickly I would lose weight. Little did I know that I would be meeting a team of God fearing women who were put in my life for a much larger purpose. I quickly learned that my faith was growing, my joy was abundant and mostly that I was not alone in this battle of the bulge. Life was becoming brighter everyday. God is good. I was genuinely happy daily, it spilled over. My children saw a new me, as did my husband and friends. This girl was on fire.

I'm competitive and determined to win. That's what I did. I was down 50 pounds in just a couple of months. For those who are eager to believe and determined to win then the outcome is simple. You get what you work for and you are fully equipped to do so. I want to share that passion with everyone.

Mistakes will be made and overcome with a team that will not let you get away so easy. Grace and Strength changed my life. Nothing has ever worked before. Today I stand firm in my faith in GNS. Here's to you living your BEST LIFE!

I rest in Him knowing that all that he leads to me is meant to be and that we will fight this fight together. I'm praying for you to feel the desire to live the way that God intended for you to live.

Colleen - Before and After 1
Colleen - Before and After 1

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