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Melody is wife to Eric and mother of four amazing teens, Jubilee, Annabelle, Ethan, and Avalon. She and her husband pastor Rock City Church, a home-based church, in Little Rock, AR. She has authored a book on pregnancy, is a recording artist, and leads praise and worship for their church. She has traveled across the U.S. as a speaker, focusing on healing and restoring relationships.

Her passion is to see women be delivered and set free to walk in their divine calling and God-given authority as daughters of the King.

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My Prayer For You

Ladies ... I am so grateful you have chosen to take this step to a new and better you! I have been where you are and am daily making my way back. Maybe you have dealt with hurtful words or a low self image. Or maybe there are health issues that have led you here. I encourage you right now, you are stronger than you think! Yes, there will be ups and downs, set backs and forward leaps, but as your coach, I will be with you along the way to encourage, pray for and lift you up.

You have great potential and with the help of the Lord, YOU CAN DO IT! Many blessings, Melody

My Testimony

After moving several times and working with ministries as church growth and relationship experts, my husband and I felt to move back to our hometown of Little Rock, AR. We bought our home in 2008 and began the steps to plant a church.

Through the business of all that, taking care of myself was on the bottom rung of the ladder. I had put on about 50 lbs. I went on a diet and lost all of that, but because I didn't follow through with eating right and taking care of myself, I gained it all back. Now, keep in mind, I don't believe in yo-yo dieting, so this was particularly upsetting to me.

I decided to take back my life after my Dad suffered a series of strokes and eventually passed away. Although he had a stroke-related genetic disease known as C.A.D.I.S.I.L, weight issues and things that come with that definitely played a part in his health. I've taken my Dad's passing as part of my "why" on my journey to a better, more healthy me. The other part of my "why" is the desire be healthy enough to spend as much time with my husband and family as possible.

Melody and Family
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Invest in yourself to achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals!