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Hi, my name is April and I'm a child of the Most High King. I enjoy coffee, cool breezes, coffee, the smell of fresh cut grass, coffee, and belly laughs from children. I do not like curry, uncomfortable clothes, going to Walmart on Saturdays, and the feeling of a bunched up sock in my shoe. I’m a three time GNS'er. I finally just let God be in control.

That's when victory happened! I'm married to the most amazing man on the planet. Together we have 6 children: Cameron, 26; Maddie, 18; Carley, 17; Max, 11; Mitchell, he would've been 9 (he lives with Jesus!); and Molly, 6. Together is when we have the most fun, because 'together' is a beautiful word. God has richly blessed us. I humbled to be able to speak life into my GNS ladies each day. Most of the time I have a Moses complex and wonder why God thinks I'm able. I've just learned to not question Him. He always knows best.

Faith and love is all you know when God is what you have!

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My Prayer For You

My prayer is for you. Yes, YOU. You've done all the diet plans known to man. Maybe you have even been with Grace and Strength once before. Maybe twice. I promise that it is okay to come back. I pray that the Lord shows you just how worth it YOU are. Christ died just for YOU. He came to give us life and life more abundantly. I firmly believe that this abundant life consists of good health. There are so many things that we can do for the Lord and his Kingdom when we are healthy. I pray that you realize what kind of power you have inside of you. That power is Jesus! Look to Him.

My Testimony
Out of the doubt, into trust!

Grace. How many of us really know what that word means? To me it means receiving something we don't deserve. My pastor, Dr. Chris Stephens, describes grace as "God meeting you at your greatest time of need”. I came to a crossroads in my faith several months ago, where I knew I was either going to continue down a path of apathy, and a weakened belief in what my God can do, or choosing to run down the path of discipline and hope. I'm so glad I chose the latter. How many times have I come to that same crossroads though? Too many to count. But that's how life is. It's full of roadways with side paths, alleys, and even highways for us to choose from. More times than not I've chosen the wrong path or roadway. That's where grace comes in. Grace says, "It's okay. Let's try again”. It is by God's grace and His strength alone that I can do this lifestyle.

Please check out my Success Story Testimony with before and after pictures.

(Former) Coach Monica welcomes April to the team!
April - before and after
April and Husband
April and Molly
Christmas Fun
April and Family
April and Friends
April and Hubby

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