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I'm a native, Northern California Bay Area girl with a degree from San Fransisco State University. I'm a spirit-filled, Jesus-fearing, real woman with real issues serving a real God! I'm a hopeless romantic, licensed Cozmo and former Beauty Queen who loves to laugh. A human loving, zip-line passionista, bungee jumping, sky coasting dancer, worship leader, youth pastor, pumpkin square specialist and coffee addict. I am favored of the Lord and blessed beyond measure with my amazing bass slappin', g-string pickin' musician of a husband of 18 years Randy, and our super smart, beautiful, sweet, talented 15 year old musician daughter Irielle (Irie-Elle). Our son "Warwick" would've been 4 this year. He's living and singing with Jesus in Heaven. I detest long lines, rude humans, Black Friday, people who cut in line anywhere, hiccups, traffic, being late, cheaters, brussel sprouts and movie spoilers.

It's a pleasure to meet you! Hi, my name is Kristy. I began my Grace and Strength Lifestyle journey in 2016. When I finally surrendered my control, I Let Go and Let God! I lost 65 lbs in a year. He's still restoring me piece by piece. My best is still yet to come.

My Prayer for You | Picture Collage

My Prayer For You

I have been praying for YOU! Are you ready?! God's going to turn it all around for you my friend and give beauty for your ashes. All that loneliness, feeling of abandonment, being misunderstood, and sometimes insecurity we put behind us. Heal her broken heart Lord! Let her know that she was created with purpose and that You still have a plan for her life. YOU ARE necessary! He has guided you here, right in this very moment to answer your heart's desire and give you the breakthrough you've been asking for. You are an original and there is no win in comparison, so quit beating yourself up. A heart of peace gives life to the body but envy rots the bones. Lord bind up the broken-hearted, instill a freshness and new mindset in thinking. All is never lost and broken forever. You came that we might have life and live more abundantly. I'm honored and humbled to help you in your Grace and Strength Lifestyle transformation. My soul desire is to help you recognize your qualities and rediscover who and whose you are. We are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do Great things. Don't give up now! Your best is still yet to come! The rest is still unwritten....

Before and After
Kristy and Family
Kristy and fun
Kristy's daughter on horse

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