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God in His mercy created me fearfully and wonderfully and who I am today, by His grace. I am a mother of 2 grown-ups and wife of Madhu, who is borne to Hindu parents. Heaven decided to make us together and to execute His plan through us. For the past 32 years we have been trying to diligently seek God to make sure we are in His plan. There were struggles and challenges to reach this far; in all our challenges and difficulties, the Lord showed up. When He didn't, He gave us the strength to go on until he did show up. So I am here now, with a day job as financial analyst, taking care of my family, supporting my husband in his business and also running a home bible study group.

The Grace and Strength Lifestyle program helped me to be take care of the temple of God which is our body. I am excited to help others who are in need and share God's love.

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My Prayer For You

Lord lead us and direct us in your direction to manifest your glory in our life. I pray for a community of women with physical, emotional and mental strength to love and support her family and community. We can't do this without you Lord. Help us to support one another.

My Testimony
Our body is a temple of God!

I was gaining weight for past few years and the more I stressed on the more I put on. Due to my joint pain it was getting difficult in my movements and I always wanted to lose weight but didn't know how. Around that time I met my friend and she lost around 45KG (99 lbs) and I was very impressed. She asked me to read her testimony on the Grace and Strength Lifestyle website. After reading, I knew God was leading me to this.

Grace and Strength helped me to learn the aspects of food and what it does to us. I enjoyed the weekly bible study and the team. They care for you and they pray for you. In approximately 5 months I lost 35 pounds. I feel better and learned how important it is to watch your food to maintain a healthy living. The weekly assignments enlightened my understanding of food products and the importance of reading labels on the food products. This program also helped my kids and husband to watch what they eat.

I must say that this program helped me, my family and my friends. Healthy community is the strength of a country and it starts with each individual, their family and friends. I thank God for leading me to Grace and Strength.

It's not only about how you look, it's about how healthy you feel. Our body is a temple of God and we have to keep it healthy and pure.

Annie - before and after
Annie and Son
Annie and Madhu
Annie and Daughter
Annie and Family - Summer
Annie and Family - Winter - Ottawa Canal
Mini golf

Invest in yourself to achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals!