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Jennifer has been married to Randy for 26 years. They have four boys (24, 22, 21, 17), three girls (15, 13, and almost 11), one daughter-in-love, a dog, two cats, and 42 chickens. They currently live just outside of Branson, MO, having moved to the area from Northern Michigan ten years ago.

Jennifer enjoys quiet times in the outdoors with a cup of coffee. You will often find her and the kids at Table Rock Lake on summer evenings. Jennifer prefers to cook from scratch and she enjoys baking. The last two years, she and her girls have sold breads at the local farmers' market in the summer. A graphic designer by trade, Jennifer works part-time designing books for a Christian book publisher. She homeschools her children and serves on the children's team and baking team at her church.

Jennifer finds it a joy to encourage women. After losing over a hundred pounds, she hosted monthly dinners at her home to successfully introduce women to healthy eating. Jennifer has also been a speaker at state homeschool conventions and has encouraged many moms in their homeschooling journey.

Jennifer believes that the grace of God is on her life to help women that are struggling, especially in the weight loss area. When she looks at where she has been, where she is now and even mistakes she has made, she is amazed that God allows her to minister hope and healing to women. Jennifer looks forward to encouraging Grace and Strength Lifestyle clients on their journey to be all that God has called them to be.

My Prayer for You | Success Testimony | Picture Collage

My Prayer For You

My prayer is that every believer will realize the abundantly good things that God has planned for them and choose to walk in that way. If I am able to help and offer hope, and to encourage you along the way, I am blessed.

My Testimony

I was never a small child or teen but I was "okay" with my size until I got pregnant with my first child and gained over 50 pounds. People were always saying how they gained 50+ pounds during pregnancy and then lost most all of it so I took that as permission to eat all I wanted. I remember eating an entire blueberry cream cheese pie all by myself when I was 38 weeks pregnant! I had my first-born but the weight did not come off.

Soon I was pregnant again, and again, and again. When I found myself pregnant with number 7, I was weighing over 300 pounds and wearing a size 24/26 pants and a 2x/3x top.

In 2008 when my baby was one, I took a part time job. Taking my lunch to work required me to be more aware of what I was eating. This was the start of my weight loss journey but I was very inconsistent. At the end 2013 when I turned 50, I became intentional about my life. I listened to Christian motivational speakers, really dug into the Word of God and dreamed about the future and what God could do in me and through me. As I focused on being and doing what His plan was, I was empowered to succeed.

Bondages and chains fell off and as they did, the weight did too, about 135 lbs total. By Mother's Day 2014, I was a size 10/12 and wearing a M/L top.

I continue to be in maintenance mode but really it is life mode, freedom mode. There are times when I choose "unhealthy" foods but I choose to do that and I choose healthy foods afterwards. I would have considered my life good when I weighed 300 lbs, but my life is much better now as I allow so much more of God's grace and power to work in me and flow through me.

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Jennifer - After
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