Freedom in Weight Loss
Freedom in your BODY .. your SOUL .. your SPIRIT .. your COMMUNITY

Christ Centered Weight Loss Coaching for Women

A totally unique approach to weight loss and health that addresses your total well-being, body, soul, and spirit ... not just a number on the scale.

Empowering Coaches

Our Coaches have walked the same path as you; from a life of chains holding them back from ALL God had for them, to a life of Freedom. They are ready to empower you to break every bondage of weight that is holding you back from living a victorious life in God's divine health.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Our Approach
  • Christ centered and faith based program
  • Compassionate coaching from women who have been where you are
  • Engaging weekly online bible studies
  • An encouraging support group of like-minded peers to help keep you accountable
  • A health plan that will change the rest of your life

We Approach Weight Loss Differently

We address your entire being, not just your body.



Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit, and one of the most precious gifts we've been given.

Through this program, you'll learn how to care for your body by fueling it with the foods in their most natural God-given forms.

You'll also learn to develop a lifestyle that challenges your body to become stronger and healthier!



Your soul: your mind, your will, and your emotions.

These elements make up 'you' – your unique way of thinking, the feelings you experience, and the desires that drive you.

Many times, especially for women, these are the deeper causes of weight struggles, and we're here to help you work through those challenges!



We fully believe that through Christ who strengthens you, you can do all things!

That includes living a victoriously healthy life!

If you've tried in your own strength and failed, we're here to offer you a new approach and point you to Jesus for the strength He supplies.



It is really amazing how much impact friends have on our lives.

Through this program you will make lasting friendships within a loving community of women in your small group. They will lift you up, encourage you, laugh with you and maybe even cry with you.

From our passionate coaches to our caring members – the entire community is here to help you!

Real Women - Life Changing Results

Actual testimonies from real clients.

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