What the number on the scale says about you

How many times have you jumped out of bed in the morning, knowing that today the scale will read something different? I mean, you ate pretty clean yesterday, or at least said no to the donuts in the break room. On your lunch break you walked 1200 steps according to your fit bit and swapped out your usual diet soda for water at lunch~ You are POSITIVE it's going to read at least a 2 pound drop because your jeans felt a tad looser the evening before.

SO now, the moment of truth ...and to the absolute crushing of your soul ...it reads the same number as the few days before. You then proceed to step off the scale, remove all your jewelry, and then check the battery to make sure it was reading properly, and try again ... only to read the same number.

Have you ever been there?

Your entire day is then dictated by that silly little number. You're either elated or mad at the world. Your clothes even seem to fit tighter today than the day before.

Why is this? Why is there such an immense rush of emotion based on a silly number?

Is it even possible to have peace with the scale? And over all, in this area of your life?

The answer is a resounding YES ...and God's Word points us to the truth! Only when our eyes are focused on Jesus can we truly have peace with where we are in this journey.

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