YOU ... are valuable!

Why in the world do I find myself doing things that I don't really enjoy? Things that are not serving me or those who I most value in this season of my life?

Do YOU find this happening to you?

Ladies, we have to STOP doing things that do NOT line up with our values or priorities. But here's the kicker, have you made YOURSELF one of your top values and priorities????

The reality is, YOU are here because the Lord has deemed YOU as valuable and a priority!!

However, have you lost sight of that?

You are important!!

How can you BE the WIFE, the MOMMA, the GRAMMA, the FRIEND, serve at your Church, serve in your community unless you have prioritized yourself. YOU need to be filled up with what you value, at that point your confidence with soar, your energy, both mental and physical will be top notch in order to GIVE out!!!!

It is NOT selfish to value yourself and prioritize yourself. God tells us in Mark 12:30-31 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. 31 The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these."

Do you notice what this is saying? We are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our spouses, children, grandchildren, and all those we serve are our 'neighbors'. How can we love them well if we don't love ourselves well?

YOU can NOT give out of an empty well!

You must be whole to love others and be all God has created you to be. But if you are spinning out of control you are not whole.

If you are NOT whole, then you will not be able to love well and serve well those things that are most valuable to YOU!!


Use your core values to create qualifiers for your decision making.

Your qualifiers should include, WHO, WHAT and WHEN, you give your time and energy too.

Allocate your time and energy to ONLY what you want and need to say YES to.

Be intentional about where you give your YES and where you give your NO.

Learn to prioritize YOU.... YOU are worth it!!!!

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