Seasons Change

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

I love the beginning of each new season, this morning, as I dug into the earth to complete the finishing touches to my flower beds, I drank in the deep purple, and scarlet colors that cascaded the landscape over my yard. With a huge sense of accomplishment, I stepped back and looked at my morning task and was very pleased with the outcome. The rain was coming and I finished with time to spare. I could smell the thunderstorm brewing in the air as the sky was getting darker by the minute. I quickly packed up all my gardening tools and head to the garage, just in time before the spring showers began to rain down.

Spring could not come fast enough. When the weather man would predict snow again, my heart would sink and I would long for the day of warmer weather. Each day I would look for glimpses of spring and the excuse to pack away the winter jackets and embrace the flip flops.

Do you ever wish you were in a different season of life then the season you are currently in? So often we can become discouraged and frustrated with our current season that we miss what God is trying to reveal to our hearts here and now?

No matter which season we find ourselves in, God knows today what is best for you and is preparing you for your next season. Trust Him and His plan that He will finish what He has begun.

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