Reaching For What Matters Most (Idol of Pleasure)

I have these jeans . . . they are my "goal" jeans. They are the jeans that will fit once I hit my goal and will declare proudly to the world that I DID IT!!! That's right, it was all me. I worked hard, counted my calories, watched what I put into my mouth for months, got up every morning and exercised, and now I get to reap the benefits and the praise for what I've accomplished. And to a certain extent, you should enjoy the benefits of your hard work, however, success and pride are tricky things that can easily set themselves up as idols and begin to creep in take the throne of our hearts. They are subtle vices that attach themselves to the most innocent of things. Weight loss is a great example.

The question becomes, what is my ultimate goal? Is it all about those jeans, the scale, a certain look that will ultimately bring me joy and fulfillment? Or is it about something deeper? Superficial goals will only bring short term satisfaction. And yet I often find myself looking to them as a means to my peace and my happiness.

Lasting peace will only come from an understanding of who gives us the strength to accomplish the healing and wholeness we desperately long for. God will not compete with anything else for control of your heart. He will let us have our way until we are ready to let go of our abilities and achievements. Skinny jeans will only satisfy for so long. Jesus must be our goal . . . our peace. Only He can bring satisfaction. That will define whether we are truly successful or not.

Paul wrote in Philippians about his successes, "Forgetting what is behind and reaching toward what is ahead, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling that is in Christ Jesus." Paul's ultimate goal was complete submission to Christ no matter what circumstances he found himself in.

Jesus, today I lay my goals and accomplishments at your feet. I do not want any success of my own to take the place of you on the throne of my heart. No accomplishments or achievements will bring me the lasting satisfaction that only You will provide. Only your peace is what will bring my wholeness, nothing else will satisfy.

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