Weights that weigh us down

You have made a crucial decision in your life to change your life! You are following the program; you are engaging with your coach and sharing this journey with your peers. You are doing all the right things! At the same time you are thinking, oh my goodness, why is this so hard?

It is time to take stock and ask yourself some hard questions.

  • How am I really doing?
  • Am I truly staying on track?
  • Is this journey more difficult than I had anticipated?

Maybe for you, the honeymoon phase is over and now it's really taking discipline to move forward. Something is holding you back.

Keep going! This is when the Lord really begins to deal with areas of your heart that are weighing you down.

God has a plan for you. He knows exactly who you are and exactly where you are going. The big picture is finding wholeness in Jesus. It is not a number on a scale. If you’re only looking for a number you will be back in your old cycle in the future.

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