Peace and Contentment: Balance Series

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through the endless feed on your Facebook page looking at pictures of people lying by the beach, hiking near waterfalls, vacationing at their favorite places across the world, their children smiling as they wear their mickey mouse ears from a long fun day at Disney World. You wouldn't necessarily even call them your friends, but merely acquaintances, since you haven't spoken to them for 15 years. Or, maybe you see that one gal from high school and covet her appearance and deep down wished you had aged as "gracefully" as she had?

And that silly thought spirals and takes you to a place where you are actually questioning if you are really even happy. You take a look at your life, it's a Tuesday evening and you're sitting here scrolling through the feed on your phone. Granted, you have your water bottle next to you, because you’re trying desperately to live out a healthy lifestyle. You have made some progress, but it seems to be going so SLOW… And in that moment that bag of chips in kitchen is calling your name and you think to yourself "What's the point?" This is going to take forever and I'm just not happy anyway. So, you give in to the moment and figure you'll deal with the regret later.

Sound familiar? How did this happen? One moment you are looking at your phone, the next moment you are on a vicious cycle of wishing things were different, regretful and questioning everything. You forget that what you're staring at on social media is just a snapshot, a rose colored lens of people's lives. And while their lives may appear perfect, they aren't. They're people just like you dealing with their own struggles, heartaches, etc.

The question becomes, how do I find contentment in the place where God has me today? In the present? How do you find joy even if the scale isn't going down as fast as you want it to?

In Philippians 4 Paul says "…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Philippians 4:11b (NIV)

When we are thankful for all that God has provided, whether it be our current situation, our job, or even that silly number on the scale, it doesn't mean that the day will be easy or without pressures.

Peace isn't the absence of pressures, but the presence of God. In every situation, having a heart of gratitude will set you free from the desire to have more or be more and will allow you to rest in Him. So today, you have a choice, to choose contentment for what God has provided, and to continue to pursue honoring God with your choices even if it seems like a long road ahead. Know that balance comes as we seek a heart of thankfulness.

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