Finding Balance - Focusing On Jesus

As a woman, life can often feel overwhelming. There are so many hats that we wear. We have careers; some are wives, mothers and students. We are sisters, daughters and friends. We volunteer in our communities, at school, and church. And we also desire to eat healthy, exercise and teach these values to those we love.

Where does God fit into all these areas? How do we maintain balance in a life that sometimes can feel overwhelming and out of control? Our desire is to not only wear all these hats well, but to excel in all these areas. Yet many days keeping our head above water and not drowning is our only hope for survival.

When I was a young mom I was having lunch with one of my dear, sweet mentors. I was having a break down moment…I remember the restaurant I was in and the very booth I was sitting at as I poured out my heart to my dear friend. I felt like I was drowning. The tears were streaming down my face as I shared with her the many hats I was wearing yet feeling like I was failing. My heart’s desire was to maintain the role of being a Godly mother and a Godly wife and at the time, a Godly pastor’s wife.

The waves were overwhelming as they crashed over my soul. I remember my sweet friend grabbing both of my hands while I was blabbering on and looking at me straight in the eyes and saying, “STOP." She went on to say that my only focus needed to be Jesus, not on all the hats, but to focus on one hat- being a godly woman.

I remember sitting back with a huge wave of relief as tears poured from my eyes. That was it!! Focusing and centering my heart on Jesus, when I did this then all the other hats would balance themselves out. The right priorities would naturally come to the top as I aligned myself to Him. Jesus needs to be my CORE.

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