What have you been missing?

Have YOU been 'missing' something in your attempt to lose weight?

Could it be that none of the other weight loss plans you tried dealt with the ROOT of why you are overweight?

Sure, we all KNOW we should eat better and exercise, but the issue is WHY don't we?

WHAT is really going in our HEARTS that is preventing us from making the choices we know we should be making?

Could it be that you have been trying to do this by yourself? In your own strength?

Could it be that you have never fully addressed your gut health?

What's your WHY?

Have you ever asked yourself, "WHY do I want to lose weight?"

Some typical answers:

  • "I need to get this weight off before I go to such-and-such."
  • "For my reunion."
  • "For my child's wedding."
  • "Summer's coming!"

What's the REAL reason?

WHAT do you really want?

  • Is it more confidence?
  • Is it more energy?
  • Is it to clear the mental fog?
  • Do you need more JOY in your life?
  • More FUN in your life?
  • Are ready to really LIVE again and not just go through the motions of life?

Why do this on your own?

With the Exchange Journey, you can have a Personal Coach and be a part of a group of ladies, just like you traveling this journey together — arm in arm — hooked in faith — joined in spirit.

Together with Jesus, breaking every bondage of weight once and for all.

We believe God called us into relationship with others through his son, Jesus. Jesus died to establish relationship with him, that through him, we would be saved from all the mess and temptations down here on earth. And, guess what, that includes being a slave to the bondage of weight.

Coach Bekah explains the Exchange Journey

Live a Life you Love!

Coaching and Challenges
Live web-based video bible studies with you, your coach and your private group of ladies walking the same journey. Extend your coaching session with studies to focus on weekly challenges for your body, soul, and spirit. Lesson series include topics on "Emotional Eating", "Balanced Living", "Identity in Christ", and more...
More powerful than willpower! We will help you be accountable to yourself with daily journaling, accountable to your coach with daily check-ins, and accountable to your peer group with access to a Private Facebook community.
Private Facebook Community
Led by your Coach or Mentor. You will connect with other women, just like you, who are walking the same path as you are. You will receive daily inspiration, encouragement, support, recipe ideas, fitness challenges, and have all your questions answered. This is private and secret from the rest of the Facebook community and only you and your group can see what is posted.
Natural Supplements*
We have partnered with an AMAZING supplement company who focuses on healing from the inside out. Plexus TriPlexTM works to remove harmful microbes and substances from your gut, replenish your gut with beneficial probiotics and enzymes, and rebalance your body's systems.

Exchange Journey

$0.00 / month [FREE]*

  • Online Weekly Group Bible Study
  • Weekly Spirit, Soul and Body Challenges
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Daily Support from our Coaches
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How it Works:

For the past 8 years, the Grace and Strength Lifestyle programs were offered to our clients for between $349 and $399 a month.

No longer!!

We are pleased to be able to offer our time tested Exchange Program (previously $349/month) at NO COST with a monthly subscription to Plexus Supplements* — a huge savings for you!

* Example: You would qualify by ordering a monthly subscription to Plexus TriPlexTM (their core health product and our recommendation). Average monthly subscription cost for Plexus TriPlexTM is between $113 and $130. TriPlexTM is just one of the supplement options that would qualify you for the Exchange Journey program. Your coach will help you choose the right option for your journey.

Next Steps:
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  2. One of our coaches will contact you with information on how to get started with your Plexus natural supplements.
  3. You will be added to our Private Facebook community.
  4. You will be invited to your first lesson and you can start on your journey to a NEW YOU!