Finding and Maintaining Balance

Do you ever feel like life is all over the place and you are pulled in one hundred different directions?

Tomorrow the PTO needs cupcakes that you signed up to bring for the fundraiser on Friday. And since you couldn't be at the last meeting you felt guilty, so you signed up to be a volunteer at the annual car-wash. Maybe you've rescheduled an “appointment” that you had previously cancelled and CANNOT reschedule it again. And on top of it all you have two deadlines at work and the end of the month is approaching quickly.

How do we do it all? How do we make decisions in advance in what we will or will not be involved in? How do we live day to day and love well those around us with so much on our plates.

Identifying our values is key in recognizing what is most important to us.

Learning to live a balanced life will have a ripple effect on all areas of our life. Healthy living will fall into place when we recognize the things that are of value to our lives.

You may have a lot of things on your plate and these things do not necessarily belong there, some of those things are good things, but there is not room for all of them when God is wanting other things to be first.

You are important!! You can NOT give out of an empty well. You must be whole to love others and be all God has created you to be. But if you are spinning out of control you will not be able to accomplish these things.

Balancing life is getting a clear picture on what is most important and what God wants you to do with the time He has given to you.

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