Balance: The Importance of Setting Boundaries

Have you ever found yourself having the “Sure” syndrome?

“Sure” syndrome? What do you mean? You know, the one where you love being asked to be involved, so you say “Sure” before you really stop and think through your schedule for the week. Or maybe you get a phone call from a friend and before you know it you have committed yourself, your schedule and even those who are directly related to you to that commitment. It may be something that you enjoy or even a great use of your giftedness, but is it the wisest choice of your time.

Boundaries are what you put in place so that you can live by the values you’ve established.

They allow you the freedom to say no to things that are good but beyond what you can and should handle. This is a crucial aspect of balanced healthy living.

Boundaries bring FREEDOM!

It is essential to have boundaries in place to be healthy and balanced. If we do not have healthy boundaries established we are setting ourselves up for the enemy to attack and take our focus away from the areas that God is calling us to do. This can cause emotional pain, depression and anxiety. A lack of clear boundaries is like leaving your door open or unlocked at your home. This can result in unwanted guests to enter at will without your control.

When you are honest with yourself and the health of your boundaries you will be more effective in your lifestyle changes and follow through with your commitments.

This is important to recognize when it comes to implementing a healthy lifestyle. When you realize that healthy living is important and you need to create the time and space that it takes to live within those means, you learn to set boundaries that make that value a priority.

So when that “Sure” syndrome tries to creep in and steal our time and energy, the clearer we are in our boundaries the more freedom we will have in our lives to do the things God created us to do.

Psalm 119:32 (NIV) I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.

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