My Heart, A Battlefield

As a mama of 5, one of my cherished moments is the quiet of the morning as I'm sitting in my favorite chair, sipping on a cup of hot coffee, and soaking in the cleanest my house will look that day. That feeling is short lived on some days because the very moment I breathe that sigh of relief of a day begun with everything in its' place, a string cheese wrapper pokes me in the back from behind the cushion where one of my kids stuck it even though the garbage can is a mere 10 feet away (insert exasperated sigh here).

The fact is, I can go around and continually pick up after my 5 monsters, or I can train them (the source of the mess) to pick up after themselves which, no matter how much it feels like an exercise in futility, is a must if I'm ever to conquer maintaining a clean house. Our lives function in a very similar way. We jump from this diet or program to another from one exercise routine to something more "effective" and all we're doing is dealing with symptoms and not getting to the heart. As great as losing weight is, if that's all it's about we will miss out on taking down the idols that conspire to take us back to our unhealthy selves.

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